Almost a year ago I started this blog – the second one I attempted – to track the progress of my business and financial goals. It turned out that that didn’t inspire me as much as actually doing things so I turned all my attention to my business. Now I’m back to blogging with a better focus.

Although I’m always looking at what’s ahead of me, I am starting from a very different place than I was a year ago. My income has increased quite a bit and my target that I had trouble reaching a year ago is now a bad month; I’m quickly building up capital for the next steps (more on that soon); and this has allowed me to retire all my debts and optimize my monthly cashflow with under $1000 in required payments every month. I have experienced small portfolio declines as I built up my investments, but I hope to have a lot more time to buy before prices go up again.

However, my biggest successes this year have had nothing to do with my finances. This year I learned from people who are (currently) more successful than me that I already have many of the things that make them feel wealthy. While it’s true that I would have more time to focus on other things if I could go months at a time without doing anything to maintain my income, there is no better time than now to enjoy life with the people I care about. If I wasn’t thinking about anything but financial success now, I would reach it only to find that I still had a lot of work left to do!

I hope you have many successes to remember in 2009. As Steve Pavlina says in his new book, make sure you set goals that inspire you to take action today, not in November!