I am an entrepreneur building a technology business in western Canada.

Why read this blog? There’s certainly lots of people covering the same areas – over time I have found many great blogs about canadian personal finance and business. This is a place for me to organize my thoughts about personal finance and join the discussion. If my posts give you something to think about, feel free to subscribe by RSS or email. There’s a lot more coming!

You can contact me at siliconprairieblog@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing your response to my ideas.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Zahid Jafry Says:

    Thanks for your comment on Friday defending O’Leary’s remarks, Silicon Prairie (www.advisormecca.com). I appreciated it. I posted a respectful rebuttal. You brought up a legitimate point.

    As soon as I heard him say it on SqueezePlay, I wrote that blog entry, which is why it probably comes off as a tirade.

    I’ll keep tabs on your blog. All the best.


  2. MoneyEnergy Says:

    Hey… another O’Leary fan! Count me in too. Well, I don’t follow every investing tip he gives, that’s for sure. But I am a Squeezeplay fan. I’ve written some posts on it too:)

  3. siliconprairie Says:

    I only watched it once or twice when I got BNN for free, but he’s very entertaining on Dragon’s Den!

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